Errors and Response Status CodesΒΆ

The OEP returns standard http status codes. Not all of them are Errors. There is a full list on Wikipedia ( ). The ones you may encounter more frequently are:
  • 200 OK This is the standard response for successful HTTP requests. When using the api to query a table, the OEP will return this status if the table does indeed exist.

  • 201 Created The OEP will return this e.g. when you have successfully created a table.

  • 400 Bad Request The OEP cannot process the request, because of a malformed query, use of an unsupported syntax or some other faulty user input.

  • 403 Forbidden The OEP understands the request, but the current user is not allowed to perform the action. This may be the case when you try to write to a table that is in a different schema than model_draft, you did not log in for a certain action, or you did not provide your key for a data upload.

  • 404 Not Found The requested resource or page does not exist or is not available.

  • 500 Internal Server Error Something unexpected happened and no more specific message is suitable. These should be rare, but if they do occur, a developer will receive a mail about it, so they can try to fix the issue.